"You can screenshot this if you want. I've never been to or even heard of a Silent Wedding or Disco until I was introduced to it by you at my wife's cousins wedding. I was sceptical at first just because you want everyone to hear and dance to the same music BUT... it was an absolute unbelievable experience and it had to be one of the best DJ'ED and the most fun my wife and I EVER had at a wedding!! I'm not Christopher S.Chilton's best friend and I'm not doing this to get him more jobs booked. I'm just someone that met Chris Djing and I will recommend him to anyone who's looking for a great night!!" - Erik A

"U need to invite them out so they can experience it in person because it is hard to explain to someone just how fantastic it is! I was telling people at the door (at O'Conners) we're having a Silent Glow party, we have 3 DJs in the back, u can get ur headphones back there, it's free, all u need is an id to secure the headphones. A lot of people were like ummmm I don't kno, but every one of those people ended up going and getting headphones and they loved it!!" - Tony S.

Thank You

Just like with a party, Not So Loud realizes that it is the spirit and momentum of the people that will make NSL successful. We would like to thank Ohio for Bookings, Spreading the Word, Attending the Events, and Amazing Support of Not So Loud Silent Party/ Silent Disco and DJ Service. There is no party without The People. THANK YOU!

Photo Booth Services 

We also offer Photo Booth Services! When we decided to begin offering Photo Booth Services, we searched for the latest in photo booth innovation. We believe that we have changed the way your guests will look at photo booths. Our self-serve "Open Air" booth will leave your guests talking. Ask us for details, including custumizable prints, several different backdrop choices, Social Media posting, and more.

Simple Origins

Your owner of Not So Loud Silent Party is a Firefighter/ Paramedic and a DJ (DJ Chill) by Profession and has a long history of bringing new entertainment experiences to the area. After being exposed to the Silent party/ Silent Disco concept he was hooked and vowed to share it with OH-IO.

For weddings and other LOUD/ NORMAL DJ Service bookings throughout Ohio, please submit your information on the contact page or visit DJ Chill's Facebook page.

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