Almost Limitless

Because there are no loud speakers or bulky equipment, a Silent Party/ Silent Disco can take place practically anywhere. And with our wireless system that transmits up 500 yards (venue conditions permitting), the party can also be mobile.

Is This New?

Silent Parties have been taking place throughout the world for years. Other parts of the US have recently joined the Silent Party/ Silent Disco Movement and now Not So Loud Silent Party and DJ Service brings Ohio its chance to be a part of this worldwide phenomenon.

Just Like Any Other Party EXCEPT

At a Silent Party/ Silent Disco every participant is given a set of wireless headphones. There is no audible music except through the headphones. A Silent Party/ Silent Disco gives you your choice of 3 different music channels that are broadcast to your wireless headphones. Each channels is denoted by a predetermined color (Red, Blue, or Green) that can be switched to at any time. The colored LED lights show which channel guests are listening to. If someone seems to be having a blast simply flip to their color to join in their fun. The moment you decide that you would rather talk than listen to music, you can turn your headphone volume down or off and chat with other partiers without shouting over the crowd and music as you would at a normal party. It's not only fun to be a part of, but it's exciting to watch and listen to as everyone dances and tries to sing their favorite songs. And everyone without headphones can only guess what those strange people are doing.

NSL Systems

Our systems include: 3 Channel Wireless Headphones (Color LED Channel Indicators, Volume Control, On/Off Switch), Transmitters (500yds distance), and Cords. If requested, NSL can provide music premixed by a DJ Chill with the genres of music requested. Or, you can use your own Music, DJ Service, or Band to for your event. Contact us for rates and packages.